Alex Ross' Justice League Designs Are Getting Snazzy Action Figures

Well, again, that is. Long ago DC Direct, before they were relaunched as the current DC Collectibles, made a series of 7” scale Justice League action figures based on the artwork of the iconic comic book artist Alex Ross. Missed out the first time? Good news! They’re back, with shiny new repaints in tow.

There’s not much difference to the new set — which features Ross’ take on Aquaman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman, based on their appearance in the mid-2000’s story line Justice — other than some weirdly shiny repaints. Gone are the flat tones of the originals, replaced by a metallic sheeny look. It’s most noticeable on Green Lantern and the Flash, who both look like they could turn into a poseable disco ball if you shined a light on them.


It’s nice to see the figures bundled together and available again, but at the same time, baffling that DC collectibles just haven’t gone back to the drawing board and imagined Ross’ work for the current Designer series of figures. They’re much nicer in terms of quality and articulation than the original Direct figures, and the chance to see another take on Ross’ style, rendered in action figure form, would be amazing.

Alas, if you’re an Alex Ross fan, these will have to do for now. The six pack will be available in September, for $95.


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