All the Sci-Fi, Superhero, and Fantasy TV Coming to Screens in 2022 (So Far)

All the Sci-Fi, Superhero, and Fantasy TV Coming to Screens in 2022 (So Far)

Let's look ahead to all the fun shows debuting—or returning—across TV early this year, as well as what lies beyond.

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Scenes from The Walking Dead, Shining Vale, Doctor Who, What We Do In The Shadows, and Uzumaki
Walkers, sea devils, vampires, spiral nightmares... there’s going to be a lot going on on network TV this year.
Image: AMC, Starz, BBC America, FX, and Toonami

We’ve had movies to look forward to, streaming faves to plan binges around, but what’s good and on broadcast in 2022? io9's got your look ahead out of what to expect from the first few months of 2022 in sci-fi and fantasy TV—and taste of a few things we know are coming later this year.

Of course, going in, this isn’t a definitive list of everything that’s coming out this year—we’ll update it as and when we can with newly revealed shows—and of course, any and all premiere dates here are subject to change. But without further ado...


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What’s Coming to TV in January 2022?

What’s Coming to TV in January 2022?

Smiling Friends (Jan. 9, Adult Swim) - The down on their luck employees of a company relentlessly dedicated to bringing smiles to the world attempt to do just that, only to find that nothing is ever as easy as it might seem.

Naomi (Jan. 11, The CW) - Kaci Walfall stars as the superpowered teen title character in this Ava DuVernay-developed adaptation of the DC Comics series by Brian Michael Bendis, David F. Walker, and Jamal Campbell.

Superman & Lois (Jan. 11, The CW) - It’s season two for this Arrowverse show about Clark Kent, Lois Lane, their teen sons Jonathan and Jordan, and all the other superpowered (and not) characters they tangle with in Smallville.

Batwoman (post-hiatus, Jan. 12, The CW) - Ryan is back in action and hunting down a Gotham icon in the form of Poison Ivy, in the back half of season 3.

Legends of Tomorrow (post-hiatus, Jan. 12, The CW) - The more things change in time, the more they stay the same for the Legends, as they return for even more time shenanigans.

Two Sentence Horror Stories (Jan. 16, The CW) - The anthology horror series, which consists of short films made independently of each other, returns for a third season.

Astrid and Lily Save the World (Jan. 16, Syfy) - This new series follows a pair of teenage misfits who accidentally open a portal to a monster dimension—then become unlikely candidates for saving the world… a task almost as daunting as making it through high school.

4400 (post-hiatus, Jan. 17, The CW) - The first part of this reboot series’ debut season was surprisingly good, particularly in the way it focused on the experiences of Black people and other historically marginalized groups. It returns from a holiday break to finish out the season.

Snowpiercer (Jan. 24, TNT) - The dystopia-on-a-train series returns for season three (presumably without Jennifer Connelly, whose character was presumed dead at the end of season two), with a fourth season already on the way.

Resident Alien (Jan. 26, Syfy) - The hit Alan Tudyk series based on the Dark Horse comics returns for a second season that’ll see crash-landed alien Harry leave his small town for an adventure in New York City. As expected he’ll also still be sorting out his complicated feelings for humankind, which he’s come to appreciate even though he was originally sent to Earth to destroy the entire species.


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What’s Coming to TV in February 2022?

What’s Coming to TV in February 2022?

The Walking Dead (part two of final season, Feb. 20, AMC) - The Walking Dead continues its zombie-shuffling farewell tour by returning for its second eight-episode chunk of season 11 episodes; the third and final batch will arrive this fall.


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What’s Coming to TV in March 2022?

What’s Coming to TV in March 2022?

Outlander (March 6, Starz) - The historical drama series (with occasional time-travel intrigue) returns for its sixth season, though it will have a shortened run of just eight episodes.

Riverdale (March 6, post-hiatus new night, The CW) - After a brief interlude as… *checks notes* Rivervale, Archie and his kooky friends are back, and presumably things can only be on the up and up after parallel realities, blood sacrifices, and teenage witches, right?

Shining Vale (March 6, Starz) - In this horror comedy, Courteney Cox stars as a once-successful writer who hopes that moving to a ramshackle old house in the country will awaken her creative spirit. Unfortunately, the house is maybe, probably haunted by a maybe, probably demon played by Mira Sorvino.

The Flash (March 8, post-hiatus new night, The CW) - Barry Allen is the fastest man alive, and he’s about to be the only one of the original DC/CW trinity left standing as we return to Central City for the rest of season eight.

Charmed (March 11, The CW) - The Charmed sisters are back, but with their coven down a member after the loss of Macy, the power of three is threatened to be undone entirely. Good job they just so happened to find a new Charmed One then, isn’t it?


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What Other TV Is Coming in 2022?

What Other TV Is Coming in 2022?

Doctor Who (Spring and fall, BBC America) - After the so-so Flux, Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor returns for two more specials that will culminate by revealing her replacement in the iconic role.

Tales of the Walking Dead (Summer, AMC and AMC+) - AMC’s horror juggernaut is getting its own anthology series, telling new and different stories of life during a zombie apocalypse.

Chucky (Syfy/USA) - After a hit first season, the deadly Child’s Play doll will continue his delightful reign of terror. While the plot of season two is not yet known, creator Don Mancini did tell io9 that, in keeping with the theme of season one, even more fan-favorite characters just might be popping up as the story continues.

Interview With the Vampire (AMC and AMC+) - Australian actor Sam Reid stars as Lestat in this eight-episode series adaptation of Anne Rice’s much-loved vampire novel.

Rick and Morty (Adult Swim) - With the notoriously slow-to-arrive show supposedly quickening its production cycle moving forward, a sixth season of portals, clones, weird science, monsters, angst, incisive cultural commentary, raunch, withering put-downs, and (hopefully) more interdimensional cable likely arriving at some point in 2022.

Roswell, New Mexico (The CW) - This aliens-on-Earth series is now entering season four, which means it’s now outlasted the late-1990s Roswell—adapted from the same source material: the YA book series Roswell High—which only went for three.

Uzumaki (Toonami) - Junji Ito’s iconic tale of a cursed town and its (literally) spiralling inhabitants comes to life in this stark animated adaptation.

What We Do in the Shadows (FX) - After that season three finale, we’re dying to see what’s next for the Staten Island vampire clan (plus Guillermo). Will everyone make it back from their travels? What guest stars and weird creatures will pop up? Will creepy baby Colin Robinson grow into the same adult-sized energy vampire he once was?

Marvel’s Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (Disney Channel) - Luna Lafayette, one of the smartest Inhumans around, teams up with her pal (and giant sized, actual dinosaur) Devil Dinosaur to save the Marvel Universe. Mostly from the giant sized, actual dinosaur she accidentally brought to New York.

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