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All The Third-Party iPad 2 Cases That Use The Magnetic Auto-Wake Sensor

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Just because you own an iPad 2, it doesn't mean you have to purchase the Apple-official Smart Cover—but it's likely that you'll still want to take advantage of its (incredibly cool) auto-wake feature. So we've rounded up all the third-party iPad 2 cases with magnetic sensors, just for you.

Miniot Cover for iPad 2

Pictured above is the Miniot Cover, which we've shown you before. It's basically a clone of the Smart Cover, except it rolls into a loop instead of a triangle when you use it as a stand, and it's carved from a single piece of cherrywood (which you can also get engraved for free). $70. [Miniot]


The Octavo for iPad 2 from Pad and Quill

Your iPad 2 will fit snugly into this Pad and Quill Octavio Case, crafted in Italian bonded leather. Close it shut and let people assume you've brought along a classy leather organizer to your super-important meeting, instead of your iPad 2 for playing Angry Birds while idly waiting for colleagues to arrive. $60. [Pad and Quill]

SD TabletWear Advanced iPad 2 Case

The SD TabletWear Advanced Case is nice because it completely encases your iPad 2 in its leather effect material, and you won't find yourself in agony over your iPad 2's naked, exposed back any longer. It's also got grooves on the front of the case that lets you adjust it as a stand in over 20 different angles. Comes in black, purple and white. $TBD/£19.99. [TabletWear]


SD TabletWear Advanced Stand and Type iPad 2 Case

The SD TabletWear Advanced Stand and Type Case does pretty much the same thing as its big brother: It offers you complete and close-fitting encasement, but it's also a simpler, no-frills cover—just fold or stand it up in one way, then go about your business. Comes in black, brown, pink and red. $TBD/£19.99. [TabletWear]


Orbino's Padova Leather Case

This is the most expensive iPad 2 case that makes use of the auto-wake sensor. Orbino's Padova Leather Case encases your iPad 2 in Italian leather, and comes in a variety of colors; or choose from five special edition Exotic Skins. $209 for Italian leather; $569 for Exotic Skins (and $689 for the Brown Crocodile color). [Orbino]


SmartBlazer2 Leather Folio for iPad 2

The SmartBlazer2 Leather Folio is the closest replica of the Smart Cover that you will find. It opens, folds, and stands in exactly the same way as Apple's creation—except that now, the case has added the desirable feature of getting your iPad 2's back all covered up. $60. [The Joy Factory]


STM Skinny for iPad 2

If you're a fan of shell covers, and don't think it's a pressing need for them to have incorporated twenty different ways for propping up your iPad 2 (one is enough!), consider STM Skinny. It provides lightweight, form-fitting protection for your iPad 2, and is also waterproof. $40. [RadTech]