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Amazon's App Store For Android Will Be Tablet-Focused and Use Their Recommendations Tech

Illustration for article titled Amazons App Store For Android Will Be Tablet-Focused and Use Their Recommendations Tech

Do you remember when we heard that Amazon was creating its own app store for the Android platform? Further details have been shared about the store, which will compete with Google's own app store in the US this year.


A new online hub for developers has launched for submitting apps, giving away some key details, butTechCrunch also spoke to two sources from within Amazon about the app store, who clarified that the main difference between that and Android's own app store will be the way apps are vetted.


Specifically, Google doesn't vet apps until users report problems with them, whereas Amazon is going to take a leaf from Apple's book and spend about a week analyzing each app before giving it the thumb's up.

This should help weed out buggy, junky apps, but for anyone concerned about Amazon taking on Apple's puritanical morals—don't worry. Supposedly they're only concerned with porny and illegal apps, but everything else should be a-ok.

Prices could also be better, too. Amazon has complete control over setting the price of each app, with developers getting the standard 70 per cent slice from each purchase. Users will be able to pay with their Amazon accounts, so it's literally one click until the app is theirs.

Google's been talking about an online website for browsing apps before downloading, but Amazon wants to get in there first with a desktop storefront, so users can send themselves links to apps for downloading to their phone or tablet later.


Interestingly,'s recommendation algorithms will be adapted for use with the app, for recommending similar apps when browsing within the store, but also recommending apps based on what a user's looking at on That last part could work well, if done right, but half the things I buy on are presents for people—if I suddenly start receiving app recommendations for railway-obsessives, I'll vow never to buy books for my Dad again. [TechCrunch]

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Is this going to fragment Android even more?