AMC Really, Really Likes The Walking Dead Spin-Off—Plus The First Pic!

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AMC has just announced that it's ordered two full seasons of The Walking Dead spin-off TV series, well before the first episode even premieres. They must really like what they've seen of the series, which will star Cliff Curtis (Gang Related) and Kim Dickens (Deadwood), and whose first season will air this summer.

Do you understand how crazy this is? Even the best shows rarely get ordered this far in advance — even Game of Thrones only gets renewed on a season by season basis — so AMC must be 00% certain they'll want more after the initial six-episode first season (which is short, but it's the same number of episodes the original Walking Dead had in its first season). Hell, the show doesn't even have a title yet, and AMC already wants them on season 2. The network may be over-confident, but still, it's a very good sign.


[Via IGN]

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