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American Express My WishList Holiday Super Deals Get December 1st Launch

Illustration for article titled American Express My WishList Holiday Super Deals Get December 1st Launch

My WishList is, if you remember from last year, American Express's holiday e-shop deals promotion, and we've just learned it'll be launching December 1st this year. Basically American Express has this "holiday e-tail" site where they sell gadgets at crazily bargainous prices, in a kind of "get one if you're lucky enough to click" manner. Amex cardholders simply turn up at the website on the right day, jab on the "I WANT IT!" button and hope you're the right side of the demand/supply curve. There are also "featured products" on sale at lower, but not crazily lower, prices until they sell out.The kind of teaser info American Express has put out includes the following deals: Google G1 phone: $125 Premco Sharp Acquos 42-inch HDTV: $700 ESPN Ultimate Remote: $149 Rymax Flip digital camera: $90 Sharp Ultrathin 65-inch HDTV: $5000 So there's gadgets of all sorts, but if you're in the market for a Mercedes GLK 350, then there're three going for $0, seriously, on December 18th. Try your luck between December 1st and December 18th at the official website. [Amex My WishList]


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AMEX will propably decrease your limit thus far, that you actually won't be able to buy the Rymax Flip digital camera for $90. They didn't touch my account yet, but hey, maybe they are busy woth yours. A Co-worker got cut down from $30Gs to $5000. Charge card FTW! Amex WTF!