An App to Unload Your Leftover Food Sounds Genius

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It's a scientific fact that all food (except pizza) tastes worse the next day. That Peking Chicken is not going to be very appetizing tomorrow, which is why it's just going to fester in the back of your fridge—until you discover the moldy box weeks later and toss it into the garbage while having a dry-heaving fit.

A new startup project called LeftoverSwap wants to solve this problem by building a platform that would allow people to share their leftovers as soon as they've got them. In principle, the idea is brilliant: Why wait for your food to get all crappy, when you can share it with somebody who is too cheap or too broke to go out and get their own? That sinking feeling you get when you're putting something away in Tupperware and you know you're not going to eat it could disappear forever.


Well, that's the theory anyway. There's no guarantee that people are actually going to use the app. And that says nothing of the social constraints on the whole thing: Are you really going to sit there and wait around for some stranger to come get your leftover salad? It's like trying to give away old furniture on Craigslist, except every single day of your life.

I get that in part this is a charity platform that will help the homeless and otherwise foodless connect with those who want to help. We support that idea. But it seems like the ecosystem would have to be so saturated with users that someone could be there minutes after you post your leftovers or else you would just give up. We'll have to wait until LeftoverSwap is live to know for sure. You can sign up for updates on the project here.

What about you guys? Would you post your leftovers online? Would you eat a stranger's castaway food? [LeftoverSwap via Motherboard]

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"It's a scientific fact that all food (except pizza) tastes worse the next day."

The following homemade items are MUCH better on the second day:

1. Salsa

2. Chili

3. Meatloaf and meatballs

4. Pinto beans

Basically anything that likes to marinate or otherwise soak up juices is MUCH better the second day!