An Earthly Messenger Bag That Looks Ready For a Space Walk

It's all but impossible to leave your house with just your phone and wallet these days. You also need charging cables, maybe a back-up battery, and a host of other accessories you probably can't survive the day without. In fact, most of us leave the house better equipped than astronaut's taking a spacewalk—which is why this sci-fi-inspired Space Odyssey messenger bag seems so fitting.

Designed by the folks at ThinkGeek and exclusive to their site, the $50 bag is styled to look like something NASA would give its astronauts. But with twelve separate storage areas and enough capacity to swallow a 17-inch laptop, it's far too large to take up to the space station.


It's perfect for your daily excursions, with drainage holes in case you spill a bottle of Tang inside and rubber feet on the bottom so you can plop it down anywhere. And while the bag's gleaming white exterior might end up looking dirty, there's a silver lining inside—no, literally, an actual silver lining, which will do a better job of standing up to spills and grime. [ThinkGeek]

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