An iPad Dock That Actually Looks Better Than Your Tablet

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Because they seemingly outnumber the stars in the sky, speaker docks for iOS devices are rarely worth a second glance. But Jarre's new AeroPad Two dock manages to do the near-impossible with a beautiful design that almost makes it feel like docking your iPad will muck it up.

A standard 30-pin dock connector lets you perch your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch on the AeroPad Two, but if you'd prefer to keep it free of such visual distractions a USB port lets you connect and play a flash drive full of MP3, WMA, AIFF, or standard WAV files. Those UFO-like pods on either side are speakers, while round back a deep subwoofer also serves as a support for the whole dock. At $920, available for pre-order now, it's incredibly expensive as far as speaker docks go. But you do get your choice of a solid black or bamboo finish on the front, which totally justifies dropping almost a cool grand.


[Jarre via The Fancy]