An iPhone in Different Colors Looks Fantastically Fun

I've never wanted an iPhone in different colors. Black with a tint of gloss or white with a silver lining has always been plenty enough. But then I saw these renders of what an iPhone in different colors would look like and man, a red iPhone looks like so much fun.

People want choices! People want colors! People want to obsess over the perfect hue of yellow, have dreams about how to describe cyan and flash their Ferrari red iPhone on the street. Gizmodo reader Martin Hajek made these funtastical renders for to show people what a color iPhone would look like (in 4-inch and 4.5-inch models!). I'm sure if Apple ever released these phones, a black or white iPhone would look as outdated as a black and white TV. Okay, maybe not that bad. But still, dripping the iPhone in any sort of colored dye would make those people who slap chintzy cases from China go nuts.


Would you want an iPhone to come in different colors? What about at least having the option to choose a different color?




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