Few of us have the financial resources to build a Batmobile that does everything the ones in the movies can do. Or even a full-scale replica that just drives, for that matter. But if you can scrape together a thousand bucks, you can easily get your hands on this 1:12-scale remote control Tumbler toy that includes a tiny built-in camera that makes you feel like you’re sitting in the cockpit.

But a tiny 480P camera with night vision isn’t the only thing you get for $1,000. This tiny version of the Tumbler (as seen in the Christopher Nolan Batman films) has a cockpit door that automatically opens, working flaps, lights, a battery good for about an hour-and-a-half of playtime, and even a turbo mode with a simulated afterburner blast that makes it drive about 30 percent faster.

Instead of using a separate controller to drive the Tumbler, it connects to an Android or iOS mobile device over Wi-Fi allowing you to steer, trigger sound effects, and snap pictures all through a free accompanying app.

And for those times when you’re not prowling the streets of Gotham, or your hallways, the Tumbler includes an equally impressive display stand with LED accent lighting, an actual Batman figure that can ride inside, and a batarang that can be used to turn the display on or off. Your real car probably doesn’t get treated this well. [Brando]


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