Illustration for article titled And Now, a Musical Interlude with Burning Piano Man

Sing us a song, burning piano man,
Sing us a song in the jump,
Well, there's no gadgets to report on,
And it's better than drinking alone.
OK, burning piano man, that just started to suck,
And you'll probably end like a roasted duck.
They cook them pretty good in France.
Do you know David Pogue, per chance?


Absolutely surreal, like something out of a Dali painting or a Monty Python movie. The name of the pianist is Yosuke Yamashita, who wore a fireproof suit on March 8th to play a jazz piece for 10 minutes, just until the piano strings got burnt and the piano went silent. The whole thing was a replay on his previous burning piano performance, made into a short film in 1973. Thank god it was not a Schimmel Pegasus. [Pink Tentacle]


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