And Now, Hot Toys' Chirrut Imwe Figure Kicking the Crap Out of Some Stormtroopers

I was not prepared for Hot Toys to start doing their own stop-motion animations with their ridiculously detailed figures. There’s a strange level of uncanny valley-ness that makes it both kind of creepy and totally awesome.


To celebrate the release of Rogue One this week, Hot Toys has made a cool stop-motion short with its figure of Donnie Yen’s blind asskicker from the movie, Chirrut Imwe, going to town on several Stormtroopers. It’s like playing with your toys as a kid, but only way more elaborate (and also if each one of your action figures was $200+ apiece).

It’s pretty impressive, as much as I got second-hand stress from imagining someone having to roughly handle these expensive action figures to complete the animation. Not only is the action fun, but the close up shots of Chirrut reacting to stuff is kind of uncannily well done. Can more people start buying $200 action figures and doing sweet animations with them? I’d like to see more, like, right now please.

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Fucking Stormtroopers. You have one job.