Another Long-Absent Game Of Thrones Actor Has Been Spotted on Set!

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Rachel McAdams may be playing a version of Night Nurse in Doctor Strange—but not the one you expected. Rosario Dawson joins Lego Batman. Will the new X-Men show Legion tie into the films? Plus, sneak peeks at tonight’s Gotham and Blindspot, and set pictures from Kong: Skull Island. Behold, Spoilers!


Doctor Strange

Previous rumors have pegged Rachel McAdams as playing Linda Carter, the comic book character Night Nurse—but a new rumor circulating pegs her as playing an alternate Night Nurse, Christine Palmer. This would be an, err, strange choice for Doctor Strange, as the Linda Carter version of Night Nurse has a much closer comic history with Stephen Strange than Christine Palmer. [/Film]

LEGO Batman

Speaking of the Night Nurse, in completely unrelated news, Daredevil’s Rosario Dawson has been cast as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl in the animated movie. [THR]


Confronted on the red carpet for Freeheld, Ellen Page discusses her potential future in the franchise as Kitty Pryde:

Sadly, I have no information for you. Would I be utterly delighted to continue playing Kitty Pryde? Yes. But I have no idea...

[Comic Book]

Captain America: Civil War

Anthony Mackie says that Falcon’s relationship with Ant-Man in the film will have softened following their altercation in Ant-Man:

Yeah, our relationship is… yeah [laughs]. It grows in Civil War. But that’s Paul Rudd, man. Paul Rudd and I just make fun of each other all the time, so it just carries over into the movie. So I respect his Royals – I’m pulling for his Royals – but we just make fun of each other all the time.



Kong: Skull Island

Here’s a few set pictures from filming.


Game Of Thrones

A new set report from filming in Ireland via the Spanish fan site Los Siete Reinos has offered a few new details on a plot line currently being filmed in Corbet, Northern Island—what appears to be the Riverlands storyline Jaime Lannister embarks on during the fourth book, Feast for Crows.


Actor Clive Russell, who played Catelyn Stark’s uncle, Brynden Tully aka the Blackfish, was spotted on set filming a siege of the Tully seat Riverrun, holding off Lannister soldiers. Naturally, as the plotline focuses tightly on Jamie, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was also seen filming—but unliking the events seen in the books, he was joined by Jerome Flynn as Bronn, suggesting a similar set up to the two characters’ plotline in Dorne in the most recent season. [Watchers on the Wall]

Here’s a brief video of recent filming in Almeria, Spain, featuring a Dothraki Temple on fire (purportedly burnt by Drogon the Dragon). [Watchers on the Wall]


The recently announced X-Men TV show on FX probably won’t connect too closely to either the Hellfire series on Fox or the big-screen X-Men movies, according to Executive Producer Noah Hawley:

Why did you pick the character Legion?
What I really like about him is, here’s a character who is schizophrenic on some level, a character struggling with mental illness. Is he crazy or does he have these powers? The answer is, kind of both. I’m a big believer that the structure of a story should reflect the content of the story. And so I liked the idea that if you have a character that doesn’t know what’s real and what’s not real, that is also the audience’s journey.

Where does it fit in the larger X-Men cinematic universe?
It’s conceived more as a standalone. I don’t want to say too much more about it on that level, but certainly it’s not constructed as a back-door anything. It’s more just that there’s a story that I want to explore that has to fit into that larger universe, which is exciting.

Legion and Hellfire were announced at the same time; will there be any crossover, or are they separate worlds?
I think more the latter. We certainly haven’t had any conversations about crossovers. I don’t know anything about it, but I think that one is more linearly taken out of the world of the movies. Ours has its own world to it.


Tons more at the link. [TV Insider via Coming Soon]

Heroes Reborn

Here’s a synopsis for episode 7, “June 13th, Part One”:

HEROES FROM THE PAST COME TOGETHER TO SAVE THE FUTURE - MASI OKA, SENDHIL RAMAMURTHY AND CRISTINE ROSE REPRISE THEIR ROLES - FRANCESCA EASTWOOD, CLE BENNETT, AISLINN PAUL AND PRUITT TAYLOR VINCE ALSO GUEST STAR - In an effort to get answers, Noah Bennet (Jack Coleman) joins forces with Hiro Nakamura (guest star Masi Oka) to return to the day of the tragic events of June 13, 2014 that set everything in motion. On the verge of delivering a speech to commemorate the event, Mohinder Suresh (guest star Sendhill Ramamurthy) receives a dire message from Angela Petrelli (guest star Cristine Rose) about Erica Kravid’s (Rya Khilstedt) true motives. In Japan, Hachiro Otomo (guest star Hiro Kanagawa) makes a calculated move against Hiro Nakamura. Meanwhile, a much happier Luke (Zachary Levi) and Joanne (Judi Shekoni) come to Odessa in hopes of finding a cure to their son’s ailment.


[Spoiler TV]


A drugs bust gets a bit hectic in this (low quality) preview for tonight’s episode.


Jane Doe bugs out of dinner with Weller’s family in this clip from “Split the Law”

Doctor Who

Finally, the BBC have released a new promo picture of The Doctor and Ashildr from “The Woman Who Lived”. [Blogtor Who]

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Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson and Charlie Jane Anders. Image: Game of Thrones.




If anyone at Fox had any brains they would airdrop Ellen Page and a 100 million dollars on Joss Whedon’s lawn, with a note begging him to come make the damn movie he’s wanted to make his whole life. I bet he has a Kitty Pryde script rolling around in his head right now.