Another Reason to Never Use an iPhone Case: It Can Scratch Your iPhone Too

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We've been on record saying that your brand new iPhone 5 doesn't need a case, that it should always stay naked. But we get it, some of you guys like the peace of mind of protection. Grandmas love plastic on their couches! But what happens when your iPhone case actually scratches your iPhone? GASPSHRIEKFREAKTHEEFFOUT. It could happen.

Consumerist recently reported about a guy slapping on a super stylish Slider Incase on his new iPhone 5 only to see a gnarly, streaking scratch on the side of his "protected" iPhone when he removed the case. Here's what Ilya, the poor guy who now has a scratch iPhone:

Last week I decided to take it off to clean off some dirt from around the edges and noticed a scratch on the side of the phone. Couldn't believe my eyes since I knew there was no damage before I put on the case and couldn't figure out where it came from. Closely inspecting the case from the inside, I noticed that one inside part had a piece of plastic sticking out. It corresponds with the scratch on my phone. Seems like it was a defect in the case which actually ended up scratching the phone.


The good thing about using a case is that you can put it right back on and pretend like nothing happened. But you know what? You can do that after using your iPhone naked for a few months too. Then you get to enjoy the way the iPhone is supposed to be used! There's no need to immediately slap on a case, even a case doesn't always protect you. [Consumerist]