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So there you are, a kid who just lost his entire house in the recent Southern California wildfires. What would be at the top of your wishlist? A new house? Returning to a sense of normalcy? All your old possessions that are now irretrievably torched? Sorry, no can do. How's about we just give you a free iPod nano and use you as a PR tool, would that help? No? Just take the damn Nano kid, and smile for the cameras. There we go. Good luck with that whole house thing.


Yes, Apple has donated 100 nanos to a group of kids who were victims of the recent fires, which was nice of them. Sure, it wasn't completely selfless, but it's not like it's their job to get them new houses or whatever. It wasn't a random donation, either, but rather a request that they fulfilled. Poway resident Steve Boyack emailed King Jobs asking for them, saying that "iPods are an accessory most kids like and can't live without." See, I would have said a bed is an accessory most kids like and can't live without, but that's just me. In any case, soon after shooting off the email, 100 nanos arrived into the hands of a bunch of confused, homeless kids. Thanks, Apple! [Sign on San Diego via Gadget Lab]


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