Apple FaceTime Over 3G Seems Closer Than Ever

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With my loved ones long away from me, I have missed the ability to use my iPhone's FaceTime over 3G a few times. Even if the quality would have been bad. Well, it seems that Apple is really getting ready for it, according to this screenshot that just appeared in iOS 5.1.1.

The error pops up when turning off 3G, according to Romanian Apple blog iDevice. We knew that Facetime works over 3G, but this new error in 5.1.1 is the only one that clearly makes a mention of 3G.


But while Apple may be testing it, the question is if carriers would allow it and how. Or if this even makes sense in the United States, given the impending death of unlimited data plans. [iDevice]

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Did not agree just bc i clicked

My question is why haven't our representatives and senators done anything to stop the carriers from getting rid of the unlimited plans? Those of us who have "unlimited" plans aren't really unlimited. They're limited plans which are throttled to unusable speeds once a person hits a certain amount of gigs. Meanwhile the carriers are making billions in profits every quarter, paying their execs many millions and crying that they're not squeezing enough money out of people.

We should have truly unlimited data with tethering allowing us to get rid of broadband data if we want and use the fake 4G data from our smartphones to run everything we use, as it was intended to.