Apple Hiring a Whole Team of Multi-touch Engineers, Not Just One

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After Apple posted a job listing for a Reliability Engineer who would work in multi-touch development, blogs have been speculating left and right about Apple's plans. We went over to Apple's jobs page and found they're not just hiring a single reliability engineer, but a whole team of engineers specifically for multi-touch products.

The eight listings in the Multi-touch Engineering section call for an Input Firmware Engineer, Panel Process Engineer and Touch Technology Instrumentation Software Engineer among other positions. While hiring one engineer could be dismissed as simple R&D, hiring a group of engineers devoted to multi-touch makes us think Apple is serious about a production product. [Apple Jobs via Mac Rumors]

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I think it's a no-brainer to assume that Apple will implement multi-touch wherever they can. It's certainly the wave of the future. I can't wait to get a laptop with this feature.

Unfortunatley it sounds like I'll have to wait quite a while. If they are just now hiring engineers for this, they must be pretty far off from bringing this to market. I seriously doubt we'll see anything substantial at MacWorld.