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Apple Hiring to Fix Siri

Illustration for article titled Apple Hiring to Fix Siri

Apple's Broken Promise aka Siri aka The iPhone 4S' Gimmicky Party App has a lot of problems and Apple is trying to fix them. There are two new job openings for iOS software engineers to work with Siri's user interface team:

We are looking for an engineer to join the team that implements the UI for Siri. You will primarily be responsible for implementing the conversation view and its many different actions. This includes defining a system that enables a dialog to appear intuitive, a task that involves many subtle UI behaviors in a dynamic, complex system. You will have several clients of your code, so the ability to formulate and support a clear API is needed.


It's good to know that they are actively searching to fix Siri. It's still not good that they released this incomplete piece of software as a major feature in a final product, even with the "Beta" tag. [Apple and Apple via 9to5Mac]

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I thought Siri was the best thing about the 4S? Either that or the camera? So now one of the two main features of the 4S isn't working right? Or are they just saying to make it better? In two months Gizmodo goes from Siri is great to Siri needs to be fixed? Maybe it's just Sam and Jesus have differing opinions?


Apple better hurry up and iron out the wrinkles!