Apple iPhone Engineer Job Listing Requires GPS Experience. Hmm…

Guys! I don't know if you heard, but apparently there's a new version of this cellphone by Apple called the iPhone coming out next month! The rumor is that it'll come with GPS, allowing for new geotagging-related features, among other things. Adding quite a bit of heft to that rumor is a recent job listing by Apple for an iPhone Product Design Engineer. One of the "preferred experience[s]"? "Integration of wireless antenna (GSM, GPS, Wi-Fi) into mechanical enclosures." GPS! Boy howdy! But wait, isn't it a little late to start that job hunt on this go-around? Oh, so many questions! Is anyone else more excited to stop looking for breadcrumbs come June 9th than excited about the actual phone, or is that just me? [Apple via The Inquirer]


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