Apple Really Doesn't Want You To Tear Apart A MacBook Air

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The folks at iFixIt rushed to tear down the new MacBook Air, but they discovered that Apple apparently really doesn't want you to poke around the gadget. It's full of proprietary parts—right down to the screws.


Here are the highlights of the teardown according to iFixIt:

* The flip-open port door has been scrapped and the IR sensor and sleep LED are gone. In exchange, the new model manages to fit an extra USB 2.0 port along its right edge.

* Apple apparently doesn't want you inside this thing. They decided to use proprietary 5-point security Torx screws to attach the lower case. Once inside, the Air is held together with more normal 6-point T5 and T8 Torx screws.

* The battery is comprised of six individual lithium-polymer cells, which combine to form a 35 Watt-hour battery.

* Although in a different form factor, the new MacBook Air uses the same Broadcom BCM943224 Wi-Fi/Bluetooth chip as the current lineup of MacBook Pros.

* The back of the trackpad has a Broadcom BCM5976A0K chip on it, likely responsible for the multi-touch capabilities of the the trackpad.

* The 11.6" MacBook Air features a resolution of 1366x768. That's a few more pixels and noticeably more widescreen (16x9 vs 16x10) than the 1280x800 resolution of previous Air models. In a welcome improvement, Apple has substantially enhanced the rigidity of the display assembly.


As usual, you can find more gadget gore photos over at iFixIt along with a step-by-step description of the full teardown. [iFixIt]

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You know who uses proprietary screws?


That's who.