Apple Shuts Down PhotoFast's MacBook Air 256GB SSD Upgrade Kit Production

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As if the new MacBook Air wasn't sweet enough, you could also—until now—trick it out with a speedy SSD upgrade from PhotoFast. But Apple's put an end to that.

What made the PhotoFast SSD so great in the first place? Read/write times of 250MB/s, compared to the MacBook Air's 160MB/s max transfer rate. As 9to5Mac reports, PhotoFast is likely complying with Apple's request because they're officially licensed to create accessories for Apple, and don't want a fuss over one product to blow up their entire line.


Still, whatever PhotoFast's reasons, it's frustrating to see Apple pull out the banhammer for accessories that actually improve on their products. Between this and the HyperMac kibosh, the end user ends up feeling used. [9to5Mac]