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Apple to Sell iLife '11 Apps Individually For $15 Each?

Illustration for article titled Apple to Sell iLife 11 Apps Individually For $15 Each?

Plenty of people won't be bothered by GarageBand or iMovie, and will want just iPhoto—and they'll want to download it, too. If Apple does charge just $15 per iLife '11 app as this photo suggests, that's amazing news.


When you zoom into an image on Apple's website showing the Mac App Store on a MacBook Air, you can see plain as day that the iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand apps for OS X will cost $15. Now, Apple hasn't confirmed they'll be sold separately—or that iLife '11 will even be downloadable from their new store—but doesn't it make sense? Particularly when they're such ambassadors of downloads over optical formats.


It's doubtful that this is just a foolish Photoshop prank at the hands of Apple. When Electricpig rewatched the keynote, the apps are visible when VP Craig Federighi demoed the Mac App Store. It's a shame that Apple didn't mention it there and then, but I presume they're keeping quiet for now until the Mac App Store launches, to try and flog as many $49 packs of iLife '11 as possible. [Apple via Electricpig]

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Nothing to See Here!

Clicking on the TechCrunch link (Here - [] That's a good thing. It means Apple are wasting much less resources in making their products and being greener to the planet.

Sure, computers running Windows may be cheaper, but most are shit to the environment.

I should be commenting on their post, but I'm not gonna sign up for an account when that will probably be the only time I actually comment.

What's the price of all Apps put together? Because I think I see 9 there, and 15x9=135. If someone were to buy each one they'll be spending much more than buying the disk.