Apple Trademark Alert

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Two new Apple iPod trademarks could mean more iPod products coming soon. Looks like the term "iPod Hi-Fi" is one of these terms, and could possibly reference the Video iPod, but hopefully means something that can reproduce sound, images and video at a better rate than the products out now. The description Apple uses for the Hi-Fi in the filing is ""Computers, computer hardware, computer peripherals, hand held computers, personal digital assistants, electronic organizers, electronic notepads, apparatus for recording, transmission and reproduction of sounds, images, or data." We're also hearing rumbles of an iPod model with a higher-resolution display and about an inch more of viewing area. But that's it folks. No other information—like when we might see it.Then there's the iPod Boombox, which has been rumoured to be called the iBoom and was planned for release sometime this year (we certainly didn't see it at MacWorld). The description is the same as the iPod Hi-Fi in the Apple filing. And take note, these Trademarks were only filed with with Hong Kong's Intellectual Property Department for trademarks, not in the US.

Apple files for iPod Hi-Fi, iPod Boombox trademarks [Appleinsider]


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