Apple Will Fire You For Just Mentioning a Product Codename?

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The Wall Street Journal has a story about the employee of an Apple supplier who was indicted for leaking Apple secrets to a colleague, including iPhone 4 details. But more interesting are his revelations about what Apple will fire you over.


Forbes unearthed revelations after scouring through the court documents, and according to a phone conversation with Walter Shimoon, the Flextronics biz dev director who was indicted, any mention of the term "K48" will land your ass the first ticket out of 1 Infinite Loop. K48, you see, was the codename for the (now released) iPad, which was under heavy secrecy when this phone conversation was recorded.

What happens if you unknowingly mention a codename by accident? Does the entire Apple campus go into lockdown mode when this happens? Does Steve step out of the shadows and waterboard you? I guess that's the risk you run when you help to create MAGIC. [WSJ via Fortune]



K48? That is a seriously awful codename. Apparently they save all of the amazing, incredible, awesome, magical naming for the actual product.

Except in the case of the ipad. Seriously. Still seems like an odd choice to me.