The Wall Street Journal has a story about the employee of an Apple supplier who was indicted for leaking Apple secrets to a colleague, including iPhone 4 details. But more interesting are his revelations about what Apple will fire you over.

Forbes unearthed revelations after scouring through the court documents, and according to a phone conversation with Walter Shimoon, the Flextronics biz dev director who was indicted, any mention of the term "K48" will land your ass the first ticket out of 1 Infinite Loop. K48, you see, was the codename for the (now released) iPad, which was under heavy secrecy when this phone conversation was recorded.


What happens if you unknowingly mention a codename by accident? Does the entire Apple campus go into lockdown mode when this happens? Does Steve step out of the shadows and waterboard you? I guess that's the risk you run when you help to create MAGIC. [WSJ via Fortune]

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