Apple's Final Cut Pro User Group Will Have Something *Super Secret* at Macworld

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AppleInsider reports that there will be something "super secret" unveiled at a January 16 Final Cut Pro group, held a day after Steve Jobs' January 15 Macworld keynote. What it is is unknown (obviously, because it's a secret), but will probably not be the next version of Final Cut Studio. It could be an updated Mac Pro with improved processors/memory/specs/whatever, but it's unlikely that it's going to be anything for the consumer audience. So unless you're waiting for an update to the high end Macs or some sort of Final Cut software feature update, you won't have much to look forward to. [Apple Insider]


Update: Crunchgear says the secret's out, and it's going to be integrated Redcode inside Final Cut Studio. This means there will be native Red support, editing that 4k video image at a lower resolution so you won't have to tax your box looking at 4k pixels whenever you're editing. [Crunchgear]

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Hopefully something I don't need. Just got my new Mac Pro and spent my last afternoon before my winter break installing all 8 DVDs of FCS2. Blu-Ray would be teh BOMB though... since I do some work in HD and it's kinda hard to do any distribution of the final edit in HD, short of dragging a Sony VTR around campus with me.

Short of BD (I glare at the open optical bay) I guess I'll hope for redcode, or something piddly. As usual, if it's coming at MacWorld, it's probably of some use to the average consumer (or at least Apple Fanboy-level consumer) whereas NAB's strictly for us pros. (Yay, only 3 1/2 more months!)