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Apple's SoHo Store Attracts "Worst Neighbor Ever" Complaints From Residents

Illustration for article titled Apples SoHo Store Attracts Worst Neighbor Ever Complaints From Residents

Curbed's got a complaint report from the residents and visitors near the SoHo Apple store in NY, all of whom are really angry at what the store's been doing lately in terms of bugging its neighbors. The latest offense-the anvil thrown off a ten story office building onto an already arthritic camel-was the Jonas Brothers event held August 12. According to the complaint, "thousands of young teenage girls...screamed incessantly on the street for hours for their idols, blocking traffic, injuring one resident in the rush, and inconveniencing scores of other people and businesses." Speaking as a guy who has little kids screaming their faces off outside his window when he's trying to work, I can sympathize. [Curbed - Thanks BrooklynBum!]


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So if one reads between the lines here (and I always do), I am seeing that even in a crowd of 1,000 screaming 12 yrs old hormones, fanboys STILL couldnt get a date.