Asteroids May Destroy Earth Because Some People Are Obtuse Tightfisted Bozos

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Did you think that Ares facing delays or cancellations was bad? Well, what about a freaking huge honkin' asteroid obliterating Earth, all because NASA doesn't have enough funding to track every potentially-deadly object out there? Yes, exactly my fraking thoughts.

Here's the deal: NASA was supposed to be tracking at least 90 percent of all potentially dangerous asteroids by 2020 under the Near Earth Object Program. This was mandated by Congress some time ago. Right now, they are on track to detect 90 percent of all asteroids .6 miles wide this year. However, that leaves a giant amount of other objects that, while not as big, are potentially lethal too. Rocks that can take out the entire West Coast of the United States, for example (hey better Brian and jason, than Matt, John, and I, ok?)

Well, guess what? Congress isn't giving money to NASA to properly fund the program, so they are not going to meet deadlines. And when I say deadline, I also mean lines that can make all of us dead.

In other words, if tomorrow an asteroid hits New York, I will know exactly who is to blame. Of course, we can also blame the euromorons, the Japanese, and every other developed nation who can help in preventing the total or partial annihilation of humankind. Shortsighted morons, some humans are. [CNN]