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NASA didn't plan any traditional Thanksgiving turkey dinner for the astronauts at the International Space Station, but they had it anyway: Someone sneaked the real thing into the space shuttle Atlantis without anyone from ground control noticing it.


A reporter asked about the lack of turkey dinner in the official NASA menu, but mission commander Charles Hobaugh replied "shockingly, yes, I think it will be" as they flashed some bags with the goodies inside. Hobaugh didn't care a lot:

Thanksgiving to me has not always been about the food you eat, but the company you keep, and I'm keeping some outstanding company here. I can't wait to get home and share a late Thanksgiving meal with my family but, in the meantime, I've got a great group of friends and I'm really thankful for that.


A NASA spokesman was surprised and didn't have any explanation except that some of the ISS crew may have sneaked turkey—smoked and irradiated—candied yam, freeze-dried cornbread stuffing, and green beans packages into the station.

Meanwhile, this Gizmodo editor is surprised that he didn't vomit while writing this article, after eating between five and three hundred pounds of turkey today. [AP]

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