Asus Tops Apple Again in Reliability Rankings

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Asus has held onto its lead over Apple in the second quarter RESCUECOM Consumer Reliability Report, scoring 416 to Apple's result of 394. IBM/Lenovo and Toshiba came in third and fourth, with scores of 314 and 218, respectively.


The report aims to provide unbiased data on big name computers by taking into account both market share and the amount of repair and service calls RESCUECOM had to handle.

"Because ASUS just introduced the newest version of the EEE laptop last fall, the original predicted computer reliability of this laptop has been somewhat up in the air," says David A. Milman, RESCUECOM's founder and CEO.

"However, a good eight months later, we're still receiving the fewest calls for computer repair and support with ASUS, while their market share is increasing, adding the EEE desktop to their line as well, indicating that this PC is continuing to prove itself in terms of computer reliability."


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