At Least 20 People Want to Pay $3000 for the 24-Carat Gold iPhone

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When we saw that 24-carat gold iPhone last month, we thought it was too tacky gold for everybody except for Mr. T. Apparently we were wrong. Twenty people have bid 55 times to plunk down real money—and at least two are willing to pony up over two grand—for this gaudy slab of soon-to-be-outdated tech. Or, as our new intern said, "Maybe Chamillionaire has 20 eBay accounts, and we've been overestimating his understanding of how an auction works." Either way, it's a sad state of affairs. [eBay]




Lo the idolaters of the Golden iPhone stood at the foot of the glass cube, and above the brushed aluminum statue of Jobs stood the ghost of Charlton Heston, bringing with him the Commandments of the Almighty, rendered upon the Axiotron displays of the holy Modbooks. And, as he casts them down upon the ground, the earth shook, and a chasm grew, swallowing these wicked mortals to the abyss, where flames pour off of the jagged, Swarovski-encrusted brimstone of Hell's Grim Tyrant.