AT&T Apparently Offering Non-iPhone Plans to iPhone Users (As Promised)

Electronista reports that if you get AT&T on the horn and threaten to cancel because of slow or unused iPhone Internet capabilites, they might try to strike up a secret deal: $40 a month for 450 minutes and 5,000 night-and-weekend minutes. Wi-Fi works but there's no mobile data. Also, you kiss Visual Voicemail and those 200 SMS messages good-bye, but you do save 20 bucks. Hmmm, that sounds suspiciously like AT&T's 450-minute Nation plan. Could this be fulfillment of Apple's original promise?


Back when Apple and AT&T announced iPhone plans, they said, "In addition, iPhone customers can choose from any of AT&T's standard service plans." Could the secret rate simply be a standard service plan? If you try this, though, take heed: You will probably see added costs for text messaging, and you may really miss that Visual Voicemail. [Electronista]

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