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AT&T MicroCell 3G: Here's Why Users in Known Dead Spots Should Get One Free

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It's no secret that AT&T has been overwhelmed by data-munching iPhone users, and reliability remains sketchy in many key areas. So if the MicroCell 3G is your best option for proper coverage (using your own bandwidth), shouldn't it be free?


I mean, Sprint will gift you an Airave femtocell if you're thinking about leaving (normally $5 a month). Though we don't yet know if AT&T is planning a similar monthly fee—or a one-off charge like Verizon's Network Extender—I'd like to see users in known dead zones get the hardware free.


Even if you don't want to pay the possible $20 a month for unlimited calls, at least you'd get actual network coverage at home. Think about it: they could make everything right with these things, and make up for the last few years of shitiness.

To be fair, AT&T says it's working to not only speed up its network, but boost reliability in iPhone heavy areas like New York and San Francisco. Carriers also face opposition from local officials and home owner associations when it comes to building new towers. And you can likely get out of your contract if you get your shiny iPhone home and find you live in an AT&T black hole.

But here's the thing: AT&T users have heard about promised upgrades for years, and many still have no joy. They're angry. A complimentary MicroCell 3G would be a great apology, and help AT&T turn around its falling public perception. What do you think?


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