Avatar: The Way of Water Is Now in the Billion-Dollar Club

James Cameron's high-tech epic continues to dominate the global box office.

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James Cameron
Photo: Christopher Jue (Getty Images)

The holiday weekend has given the Avatar franchise water legs. James Cameron’s blockbuster continues to dominate the global box office; as the Wrap reports, the Disney/20th Century film has now crossed the billion-dollar mark. This is a big deal for any film, but especially big for a sequel—and Avatar: The Way of Water joins the pantheon alongside the first film as well as recent sequels like Spider-Man: No Way Home.

It’s the fourth film to cross this landmark since theaters reopened, and it did it in only 12 days, proving that audiences are indeed flocking to see Cameron’s latest advancements in technological wizardry on the big screen. Take a look at this clip below that takes us behind the scenes, showing how he directs his actors in mo-cap to further humanize CG performances with real emotion from his cast.


Avatar: the Way of Water is in theaters now.

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