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Barbie’s mutated proportions are even more unrealistic than we thought

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Girls who yearn to have a body like Barbie's need to seriously reconsider. As this new infographic from shows, not only are her idealized proportions anatomically impossible — they would also be incredibly debilitating.

This photo-realistic rendering of barbie shows how absolutely ridiculous she looks when set next to a real human. And the stats back up what the eyes can clearly see.


According to, an advocacy group that helps to connect people with mental health treatment centers in the U.S., Barbie's unrealistic features include an oversized head supported by a neck that’s twice as long as normal (thus making her "incapable of lifting her head"), freakishly short arms — and a 16-inch waist that would only provide for “half a liver and a few inches of intestine.”

Barbie's 3.5-inch wrists would make it extremely difficult for her to lift anything, while her absurdly small size-three feet would make it impossible for her to support and balance that long frame; Barbie would "have to walk on all fours."


The odds of finding a woman with a chest-waist ratio like Barbie's are 1 in billions of billions, which basically means it's impossible.

Interestingly, the chart also considers models and women suffering from anorexia. Not surprisingly, those two groups are off when compared to the average American female, but still considerably off when compared to Barbie.


Oh, and apparently this is what Barbie would look like without any makeup on (via Jezebel):