Batman's Latest Nemesis: Abba

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Just when it looked as if 2008 was undoubtedly the Year Of The Bat, a last-minute spoiler attempt seems to be taking place from the most unlikely of sources: Abba musical Mamma Mia.


As the year ends, Christopher Nolan's Batman epic finds itself with two (admittedly minor) black eyes in terms of public perception. Firstly, the Hollywood Reporter points out that - although it may have had the fastest selling DVD and Blu-Ray debut of the year - The Dark Knight found itself being outsold in the days before Christmas by Meryl Streep vehicle Mamma Mia, which sold 15% more copies in the run up to the holidays, presumably to confused husbands uncertain of what to buy their loved ones as a gift while standing in line at the supermarket. Secondly, and much more surprisingly, Mamma Mia was also named the most successful movie ever in Britain this week, surpassing previous record holder Titanic on Tuesday and thumbing its nose at Batman as it went on a victory lap of movie theaters from Lands' End to John O'Groats.

Two things spring to mind about these two facts, coming so close together. Firstly, Britain, what the hell are you doing. Seriously, Mamma Mia is the most successful movie ever over there? While I'm not the biggest fan of The Dark Knight ever, at least if it overtook (the admittedly equally dreadful) Titanic, I wouldn't feel ashamed for the collective taste of the US. But Mamma Mia? Really?

Secondly, if Christopher Nolan wants to make sure that his third Batman movie is even more successful than The Dark Knight, he clearly needs to start working in some Abba songs.

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Can you people keep getting outraged over the comparisons of apples and oranges? It's fun to observe.

Let's face it, the movies are aimed at 2 different demographics, one is larger than the other, one sells more. Simple.

In that Venn Diagram I happen to fall in the inclusion area and have copies of both movies, and enjoy each for what it is.

Getting outraged or rabid about TDK not becoming the #1 selling movie of all time says more about your ability to become outraged or rabid than anything else. But it is fun to sit back and watch the comments fly.