Batshit Golden Age comic reveals Hitler's lost superweapon: a robot T-Rex

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In 1943, Clue Comics featured a two-issue arc about the Boy King of Swisslakia, his friendly giant golem, and their arch-rival, a robotic Nazi dinosaur. In short, don't expect this comic to make any damn sense whatsoever.

In this story, the Boy King — who resembles Prince Valiant crossbred with He-Man crossbred with the Burger King mascot — and his giant Swisslakian golem are helping the Americans mine for ore. The Nazis are infuriated by Boy King and his innovative golem-centric ore-procuring techniques, so they build a massive mechanical dinosaur for no apparent reason.


Since Boy King is chilling in America, the T-Rex shimmies across the ocean to do battle. Please note the US military's sterling skills of deduction in the lower right panel.


Good eye, general! Will the Boy King's golem defeat the screamingly pointless fascist thunder lizard? You can find out here, courtesy of Lady That's My Skull.