Bay Swaps Robots For Angst-Ridden Aliens In Number Four

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With Transformers fast on its way to becoming almost as big as The Dark Knight, Michael Bay and Dreamworks have already announced their next project together... and it doesn't involve robots, in disguise or otherwise.

Bay and Dreamworks have pre-emptively picked up the movie rights to unpublished novel I Am Number Four for an undisclosed sum "somewhere in the high six figures," according to the Hollywood Reporter. The book, the first of a six part series rumored to be co-written by controversial author James Frey (the identity of the authors is being kept secret at present), deals with nine teenaged aliens hiding in human society following the destruction of their home planet, only to find that the being responsible for the destruction has followed them to Earth.

The rights were offered to studios Thursday afternoon before being quickly snapped up by Bay and the studio; as with Transformers, Dreamworks exec Steven Spielberg is expected to act as co-producer on the movie.


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