BBC's Ghosts Is Returning for a Fourth Series of Haunted Shenanigans

Ghosts will finally get around to opening that bed and breakfast in its upcoming fourth series.

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Mike, Alison, and the Button House ghosts getting together to read something.
The residents of Button House reading along with Mike as he looks at his phone.
Screenshot: BBC

When the BBC’s Ghosts first began, the show’s living protagonists Alison and Mike planned to renovate the dilapidated palatial estate they’d inherited into the sort of charming bed and breakfast people would pay good money to visit. The couple’s plan was a good one, and likely would have worked out, were it not for the grand house and its grounds being haunted as hell by a bunch of bumbling ghosts.

Though most of Ghosts’ deceased characters are incorporeal, they’ve done an excellent job of keeping Mike (Kiell Smith-Bynoe) and Alison (Charlotte Ritchie) busy and unable to make much progress turning Button House into a profitable business for the show’s past three seasons. But all of that is about to change. Today the BBC announced that Ghosts has been renewed for a fourth series, and we will see Button House finally open its doors and make a go of luring people in for relaxing stays. Given how hesitant the ghosts have all been to invite even more modern day people into what they consider their home, it’s likely that as soon as rooms start booking up, they’ll get right to trying to force the living out.


There’s currently no announced release date for Ghosts’ fourth series, but the first three and the Ghosts Christmas special are now streaming on HBO Max.

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