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I don't know who really uses these pathetic "user-friendly" DJ packages, but here's yet another one to let any moron mix his own music on the PC. The Hercules DJ Console Mk2 mixing controller looks like the real deal, with two jog wheels emulating two vinyl turntables, a cross fader slider and two volume sliders, eight EQ and pitch knobs and 28 action buttons. All this to let you personalize (i.e. hack up) your own music and make set-lists for any party you want to scare people away from. The two stereo inputs also let you hook up to two turntables or CD players and the two stereo outputs let you play your concoctions over amplified speakers or redirect the sound to an effects processor or external mixer. Oh, and don't miss the microphone input with a "talk-over" function, cause we all know how fun that can be. Just $142.

Hercules MP3 Mixing Deck [Bios Magazine]