Behold This Giant Statue Of Warcraft's Biggest, Baddest Dragon

All will burn, beneath the shadow of his wings! Deathwing might be old hat to players of World of Warcraft these days, but this new statue by Sideshow celebrates the mad dragon in all his fiery, glowy brilliance. Even if you're not a WoW fan, you can admire the glorious dragon goodness going on.

For those not in the know, Deathwing - formerly known as Neltharion - was a fallen Dragon who tore up the World of Warcraft in the game's third expansion, Cataclysm, and was a general pain the butt for most people until 10-25 people bonked him until shiny loot fell out. Sure, sounds less impressive that way, but when you think about the fact that every world-ending big bad in Warcraft can be laid low by less than 30 kleptomaniacs with a penchant for murder, it's okay in the grand scheme of things. But anyway, what you're really here for is the pretty Dragon statue!


This mahoosive piece by Sideshow was teased at SDCC last year, but Sideshow have now put out a bunch of pictures showing off the giant beastie, perched atop the smoldering parapets of Stormwind City's gates as he did in the Cataclysm cinematic trailer (RIP, Stormwind Park. Still on fire, over 4 years later!) - and honestly he looks pretty badass in that sort of 'Blizzard ultra-90's' art style' way. And he really is big too - the wings alone have a span of 30 inches.

If you're fond of extremely 90's Dragons as part of your Home décor, preorders for Deathwing - which will cost you $600 - go live later today.


[Sideshow Collectibles]

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