Thanks to an (assumed) technical glitch that will almost certainly get someone fired in the morning, Best Buy’s website is currently offering a $200 gift card for $15. Even if your order will almost certainly be cancelled, it’s probably worth a try.

Update: And it seems to be gone, but still working for some people! Good luck to everyone who got through.


Currently, both $200 designer gift cards are on sale for $15. That price continues to hold through all the way through checkout — Jalopnik’s Kat Callahan has got a confirmation email, and pending credit card charge to boot:


As listed in the terms and conditions of the site, Best Buy can still cancel your order thanks to a pricing mistake, which this almost certainly is. But still, at $15 (and with a almost-guaranteed refund), what’s to lose?

[Best Buy via Reddit]

h/t Tavarish

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