Best of Gizmodo Final Thunderdome Battle

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This is it, the moment all you money-grubbing techies have been waiting for: the final Best of Gizmodo vote. This time, there's swag attached: a chance to win a $500 Circuit City gift card.

Quick overview: over the past few weeks, Gizmodo sought reader nominations for the Best Gizmo of 2005 in a variety of categories, then readers voted for the best in each category. This week, we've been doing elimination rounds between individual category winners that has left us with two final gizmos that will go head-to-head in a vote for the year's best.

The fifth elimination is the iPod nano. It was a close fight in the beginning, but the nano began to trail off after the Treo and PSP fanboys got their votes in. That leaves our final two competitors for the Best Gizmo of 2005: the Sony PSP, a gaming/multimedia all-in-one with hacking abilities out the wazoo, and the Treo 650, a smartphone that has the ability to change people's lives.


After voting, you'll have the option to submit an email address that will then be entered in the random prize drawing for the $500 Circuit City gift card. (Our standard contest rules apply.) Polls will close on Saturday, so hurry up and get your vote on, after the jump.

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While I do not really like Sony, I do believe that the PSP is a much better product than the somewhat outdated treo 650.