Big Four Asking Apple for Subscription Service

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Click to viewThe Big Four's contracts with Apple are either up for negotiation or are coming due, and MarketWatch is reporting that next week, the biggest label, Universal, is expected to push for a subscription service—as well as renew the push for "variable pricing," i.e., higher prices for more popular tracks after Jobs shot it down very publicly last year.


The other companies have already started talking with Apple or are about to, and they're also leaning on Apple to introduce such a model, believing it would "increase consumption of music," as well as entitle them to a monthly royalty check much bigger than the ones they collect from other services with subscriptions, given iTunes' 85 percent market share.


While Jobs could rally public support last time (and probably again) to shoot down the variable pricing structure—who wants higher prices?—it'll be interesting to see what kind of argument he could muster against a subscription model, if in fact, Apple still isn't interested in it. What do you guys think?

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Music labels ask Apple to adopt subscription [MarketWatch via AppleInsider]

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matt buchanan

Jesus, you guys are picky about your poll options. In any case, wish granted. "Renting is dumb" now an option.