Bill Gates Wants to Build a Better Toilet

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Bill Gates, nowadays basking in the accolades his philanthropy provides, noticed that toilets kind of suck in the developing world. Wanting to help stop the spread of communicable diseases, he's ready to put down $41.5 million for potty advancements.


The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is prepared to give that huge sum of money to universities that push poor nations' toilets into the modern era. They don't have to have ambient lights or mini-tablets. Rather, they should reinvent the concept by being sustainable, not relying on a sewer connection or electricity. Proposals have drawn up toilets powered by heat, microwaves, or solar panels, all to help prevent bacterial and parasitic infections.


I can't imagine what a microwave powered toilet would even look like, but any idea that shields you from diarrhea is a good one. [LAT via Village Voice, Image Credit: Shutterstock]

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These are NOT Gates' ideas... he's got minions who're trying to find ways to help people in poor and undeveloped countries. The unfortunate thing is that those minions really aren't subject experts, hence the advancement of some of these goofy ideas. Give "The Last Taboo" a read and you'll get a peek into the scale and severity of the problem. []

The money from a thousand Bill Gates would not be enough to bring the rest of the world to the standard we enjoy in this country.