Bill Hader Talks Scifi On SNL, Daredevil Plans, And Pegg's Alien Paul

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Our favorite genre junkie, Bill Hader, took some time to update us, exclusively, on his geeky future happenings. While he crushed our dreams for a Laser Cats film, we did find more about Daredevil, and Simon Pegg's alien feature Paul.


While doing press for Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs, out next week, we got to check in with geek comedian Bill Hader. In an interview we asked the man who makes it rain food about possible new comic books from him and his SNL co-star Seth Meyers, why MacGruber gets a movie and Laser Cats doesn't, and what's happening with Simon Peggs alien road-trip film Paul.

I know you and Seth Meyers wrote that Spider-Man comic, [Spider-man The Short Halloween] are there anymore comic books in your future?

We have a Daredevil idea that we'd like to do.

What's this idea about? How will it be different?

I can't tell you what the idea is. I would say it's kind of the same thing as the Spider-Man book as it's kind of a stand alone. It wouldn't be in the current Daredevil arc. It would be in it's own stand-alone story, kind of how the Spider-Man book was. It doesn't fit into any sort of...but yeah that's how it would be different. And our idea is similar to the Spider-Man one, where it also involves peripheral characters are the main character and Daredevil is influencing the story in different ways. It is that kind of similar thing to the Spider-man one. I know people were kind of mixed on it. Some people liked it and some people were like, "why isn't Spider-Man the main character?" We weren't interested in that, we found that funnier.

My favorite part of SNL these days has been all the science fiction shorts, so when is Laser Cats getting a movie? MacGruber has a movie...I feel like it's justified.

I would love to do a Laser Cats movie. Yeah, maybe... I feel like Macgruber is a little bit more of a hit than Laser Cats is. Andy [Samberg] Akiva [Schaffer] and Jorma [Taccone] really find that so funny. And that's what's great about doing that, you really get a sense of the four of us just making each other laugh at how dumb it is. Because we all grew up making videos. What makes Laser Cats so funny to me is the idea that it's being presented to Lorne Michaels each week, and we actually think it's so good. The Steve Martin one was a lot of fun, where Steve Martin is totally into it like "hey look at this video I made, and it's total shit." Yeah we love doing that.



Will there be a lot more science-fictional sketches in the new season?

I don't know, honestly I have no idea what I'm going to do up until the moment we do it. We had a character last season that we want to do again called "Greg Is Not An Alien." We want to do that again. We tried it once with Zac Efron and it didn't fully work. So we might try that idea again. That was a lot of fun to do. That's John Mulaney, Simon Rich and I, they made that thing so funny.


We're all really excited to see more from Simon Pegg's movie Paul. What's going on with your character in this film?


In Paul, I play a guy named Haggard and it's me and Jason Bateman's character and Joe Lo Truglio's character are these agents who are tracking Simon, Nick and Paul, and Kristen Wiig's character. To put it pretty well, we're kind of like the epic Kota and Midnight Run.

What were the rumors that you were supposed to be the alien in Paul? But now it's Seth Rogen correct?


I think those rumors were started because I did a test for Simon and Nick to show the studios here's what Paul will look like and here's how he will interact with the actors. And Mottola and Simon Pegg and Nick Frost called me and said, "I know this is last minute but would you want to come here and do this real quick almost as like a favor. And I said yeah sure, free trip to London. So I went to London for three or four days, we shot the test and I came back. It was totally not an audition for the character, it was just to help them out. I think that's how all those rumors got started.

Is Paul, the alien, totally human form or CG?

You'll have to see. [Laughs] No I don't know. I honestly don't know now. It's funny you asked that because I don't know — it could be a mix of both.


Until the next season of SNL you can catch Bill Hader in the movie Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs, out September 11.



laser cats the movie should be about bill and andy's quest to make a feature length laser cats movie. like ed wood.