BioLogic FreeCharge Powers an iPod With Your Bike

Illustration for article titled BioLogic FreeCharge Powers an iPod With Your Bike

If I biked a lot—a whole lot—there's little doubt I'd drop $100 on the BioLogic FreeCharge when it hits in March.


Obviously pedaling a bike could generate a lot of electricity. So the BioLogic FreeCharge exploits this phenomenon, sticking a dyno on your wheel that charges a battery-powered USB hub. You plug something (like an iPhone) into the USB and it can recharge in about three hours.

But what makes the idea work is that battery intermediary between the dyno and the hub. By charging a battery that in turn charges your device of choice, the system assures a steady stream of power to whatever is plugged in.


Obviously solar power is another obvious point of energy exploitation for those on bikes, but something about exerting myself to charge my phone really preps my psyche for the days when I'll pedal to power the robot whipping me to pedal to power him. [Bike Hugger via Gadget Lab via DVICE]

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How come everything that is USB goes right to the iPhone? I think Giz readers are able to connect the dots from USB -> pretty much every portable electronic device.

Interesting idea though...