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BizarroTV Is Coming to Make DC Universe Even Weirder

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Bizarro looking uncharacteristically dapper.
Bizarro looking uncharacteristically dapper.
Image: DC Comics

If we’re being perfectly honest, all of DC Universe’s series, be they live-action or animated, are at their strongest when they’re leaning into their weirdness, which makes this bizzare bit of news make a certain amount of sense.

Announced at New York Comic-Con,, DC Universe is debuting BizarroTV in 2020, an anthology series focused specifically on the lives of relatively obscure, D-list characters like Ambush Bug, Space Crabbie, the Creeper, and Slam Bradley. One imagines that BizarroTV’s titular knockoff will factor into the larger narrative in some capacity, but what’s really interesting about the series is that it’s described as featuring a mix of different kinds of media.


It’s more than likely that the show’s style will change from episode to episode, reflecting the kind of character it’s centered on, but what would be particularly impressive to see is BizarroTV getting high-concept when it hits DC Universe in 2020.

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