BlackBerry Storm to Get Visual Voicemail on Verizon

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We mentioned that there were rumors that Verizon was going to be bringing its own version of visual voicemail out sometime, and now there are further rumblings that this will include visual voicemail on the BlackBerry Storm. This makes the touchscreen, haptic-feedback smartphone sound even more like a real iPhone competitor, wouldn't you say? [Electric Pig]


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@danson: They made this phone for the hell of it. BB really had no interest in making a touchscreen phone, but people kept asking if they would, so they said, well, why the hell not. This phone isn't meant to be their bread and butter, they made it because BB fans asked them to make one.

@distortedloop: Amen! But he did say he types without looking. But seriously... is a txtmsg that important that you can't wait a few min to get where your going?="#c6797332">

@slaughter33: "Edge is here to stay until 3G is nationwide"

Wait.. hold on a sec... You mean you don't have nearly nationwide 3G? Wow. In Canada I've been using 3G CDMA for years now. I ravel a lot and I've never encountered a problem. Ok, so I didn't get 3G in very remote areas, big deal, but every major city I've been to has 3G.