Illustration for article titled BoomCooler: A Portable Party in an Ice Box

Throw in a cooler, some speakers and mix with a little hillbilly inspiration and you have yourself a BoomCooler. Billed as "the ultimate portable entertainment system," the BoomCooler makes it easy to roll your tunes from one party to the next thanks to some fancy wheels and a handle. It also cranks out a decent amount of sound with two Sony Xplod 6" x 9" 240-watt max 4-way speakers, a 1100-watt max 10" subwoofer and a 4-channel 600-watt amp. It is also iPod, Sirius radio, MP3, CD and AM/FM radio ready. But, the question is, can it hold your beer? Unfortunately, no. The BoomCooler's storage space is limited to dry goods only. Pfft...if my $900 doesn't involve getting drunk it is not worth spending. [BoomCooler via Uncrate]


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